My name is Hannah May Howard and I’m an actress, singer, and creator.

I went to six different schools before high school and stayed just long enough to maintain my “new girl” title everywhere I roamed. Across the country and across peer groups, my constant was theatre.

I can’t remember an age when I didn’t want to perform. So when I moved to Colorado and heard about Denver’s arts middle/high school I knew I had to apply. I auditioned, went to the callback, and was promptly rejected. The following year I auditioned and went straight to the reject pile. I gave it one last go around and was accepted into my dream high school where I attended for 9th through 12th grade and graduated as a Theatre major.

After high school I was accepted to the University of Southern California for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting for Stage, Screen, and New Media. While at USC I’ve had the privilege of taking acting on camera from Joseph Hacker and Bayo Akinfemi. During my time with them I fell in love with acting on camera. I was also lucky enough to work with Phil Allen and Gabriella Santinelli who fostered my passion for voice over.

In addition to acting and voice over I am also working on writing and creating my own projects. Currently I’m working on an episodic Tik Tok series called “The Poor Four” with new episodes coming out every Monday.

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