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I’d love for you to watch my work…

Below you can find my voice over reel and longer clips of my work!

Voice Over reel

Listen to my voice over reel for a compilation of commercial and theatrical copy. For more voice over material feel free to reach out to me directly.

Comedy Tik Toks


#greenscreen your POV queen is baaaaaaaaaack 🤪🤪 #hockey #minnesota SmellLikeIrishSpring UnsealTheMeal #oscars #vanityfair FrunktheBeat #hockeymom #viking

♬ original sound – Hannah May

Rosalind from As You Like It

This is a classical, comedic monologue. The piece is Rosalind in As You Like It, pretending to be Ganymede, pretending to be Rosalind. At the end she drops her pretense and reveals her true emotions to her cousin Celia. Recorded April 2020.

You Got Older by Clare Barron (USC Showcase)

This is a dark comedy monologue from the play You Got Older by Clare Barron which was featured in USC’s BFA Showcase. After losing her job and her boyfriend, Mae moves back to her hometown to take care of her ill father. Seeking solace at a bar she overshares to a friendly face.

Click the icon to the left to check out my TikTok page where I post a variety of character-based comedy videos.

“Happy Birthday Zack” is an original romantic comedy monologue.

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